What is Web 2.0? an Introduction

Every one says I need web 2.0 style website… What is web 2.0? Let’s understand the core concept by considering the history and comparing with current updates in the technology

web 2.0 is a web development and web design technique providing facility to develop not only interactive information sharing sites, but also lays down strong foundations for diverse systems to work together in a web environment. It also provides User-Centered Design (UCD) facility in which the end user of an interface is given extensive attention during each stage of the design process of a website. Some examples of Web 2.0 are web-based communities, software systems that support interoperable interaction over a network, web applications, social-networking sites, video-sharing sites, wikis(sites that allow easy creation and editing of interlinked Web pages, with the help of simplified markup language), blogs( websites, maintained by an individual with regular updates of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video) and mashups(Websites that combine data from two or more external sources and create a new service.

Duplicate Content and SEO

Search Engines like fresh content but hate duplicates. Duplicate content affect badly on your organic SEO campaign

As a webmaster or an online business owner, everyone is running after getting higher and higher page rank and lead the industry especially within organic search results. Acquiring a higher page rank in search engines is not that easy and one has to employ many strategies, techniques and methods to accomplish especially when competition is high. These methods are classified into black hat and the white hat techniques for SEO. Like everyone knows that search engines like the fresh text based content and websites with high quality content often gain high page rank quicker. Sometimes so-called SEO consultants suggest their customers to create multiple copies of the similar pages and some of the intelligent consultants suggest minor changes in page titles and meta keywords. This is considered one of the devious methods for artificially creating content and intending to gain high page rank. Search engines have gone one step further as far this black hat method. They’re continuously monitoring the websites with duplicate content which can ultimately be kicked out of their indexes.

Writing SEO Copy

Copywriting is the baseline for SEO. Step by step guide to a successful SEO Copy

Everyone knows that the biggest share of web traffic gets originated through search engines and it has been a trusted theory so far that these are the keywords and the links responsible majorly to drive traffic to your website. If researched and implemented well, keywords educate the search engines of your business or whatever you do on your website whereas incoming or inbound links tell them how important your website is. So the combination of keywords and the inbound links conclude the relevance of your website to particular theme or business and the relevance is the major factor for granting top ranks within search results of any major search engines and this is the key where most of the search engines focus while analyzing and positioning your website within organic search results.

Directory Submission & SEO

Directory Submission still alive for gaining organic SEO results?

Google recently removed one of the guidelines from their webmaster help center section saying “Submit your site to relevant directories such as the Open Directory Project and Yahoo!, as well as to other industry-specific expert sites”. However, I still keep hearing hawks about huge directory submission packages from numerous SEO companies around the globe. Not only these SEO companies are advocating the directory submission, but also they are spending substantial amount of money in advertising their directory submission services. Being in SEO consultancy since last 5 years, I sometimes get astonished when some SEO consultants speak in favor of directory submission while Google explicitly removed this technique of achieving organic SEO rankings from their guidelines. So being the one who strongly recommends adhering Google guidelines and believe in only white hat SEO techniques, directory submission hawks bug me! If I hear such offers from a newbie, who’s not well aware of SEO techniques and has not worked out especially high competitive keywords, I may just pass a smile. But the source of confusion is that why the companies who claim to be experts in SEO and have numerous satisfied clients in their portfolio are offering this so called “non-sense” service? Does this mean that SEO companies are just fooling the businesses and are taking advantage of ignorance about SEO? OR, is it true that directory submission is still alive and works as it used to be?

The Right SEO Company

A detailed checklist to make sure that your SEO Company is doing the right job

Search engines are masking their algos and policies in a complete mystery. Unfortunately there are not any hard and fast rules exposed by search engines adhering which one can guaranty the top rankings and first page impression in search results. So coming up with the solid points detailing what works for SEO and what does not to achieve the search engine optimization campaign targets, can only be achieved by analyzing the websites that hit page 1 of the search results against your desired keywords. This is basically called “competitive analysis” and is the base point to start with any organic SEO campaign. The effectiveness of an SEO campaign directly depends on the competition, sometimes you’ll start receiving results sooner and sometimes you got to do lots of efforts, spend tons of money and monitor each and every competitor for at least 6 months to gain prominent position on search engines and hit page 1 within search results for your potential keywords. It’s really hard to audit the success of and SEO campaign especially for a layman who’s not aware of the organic SEO life-cycle and besides of this, existing of numerous SEO companies on the globe and several diverse theories each of them claiming the proven SEO results make it more difficult to choose the right SEO Company.

Keyword Research, SEO & Internet Marketing

Keyword Research – the base for a successful internet optimization & marketing campaign

One of the most trusted and proven tools that help driving the targeted traffic to your website are the search engines. However, an SEO or SEM campaign executed with proper keyword research gives an understanding to the website visitors that they’re on the right place and can see the exact information they’re looking for, assures better success rate and more conversion ratio. Researching the right keywords is just like playing a jigsaw game. Yes, sometimes it becomes so difficult to choose the right keywords especially when you somehow have a hazard in mind either they’ll just drive traffic or can play a significant role for making your internet marketing campaign successful. Your keywords are the door openers in your online advertizing strategy and regardless of the budget you spend in online marketing, if didn’t research your keywords accurately, your potential customers may lose the chance in finding you and ultimately you lose the chance of welcoming more customers and enjoy increased market share in your industry. So in laying down the strong foundations for any online advertizing campaign, your first step should be to envisage a strategy to assemble the list of right keywords and evaluate them focusing on your industry, nature of services and searchers aggression on search engines.

Lead Generation Techniques

Lead Generation – 6 proven techniques for quality lead generation

I’m over whelmed with lots of emails and phone calls since I wrote about Lead Generation last month. The most common or may be the only question that I am still being asked over and over again is to suggest some effective techniques to generate quality leads. I can understand that a serious business owner is mainly concerned in figuring out proven techniques of regular lead generation. Before I go further with detailing and suggesting the lead generation techniques, I assume that you have done some of the homework first that includes writing up profile of your target vista, listing up sources leading to potential leads and documenting the approach to reach your sales prospects.
So you’re ready to head up adopting proven techniques to lead generation? Okay, I am going to outline some of the tactics that I personally experienced and found all of them generating remarkable results. Depending upon business policy, budget and viability, you can advance with all of them or just a few to start with generating new quality leads for your business.

Social Bookmarking & SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Social Bookmarking – a useful service for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Social Bookmarking is an advanced form of bookmarking websites. The need for social bookmarking rose when folks started being concerned about losing the bookmarks after their computers are crashed or anything happened with the data. Social bookmarking sites allow you to bookmark websites that you like and intend to use frequently or rarely in future. Majority of the sites allow you categorize your bookmarks as well, just as you do with your own browser based bookmarks. The main difference in conventional and social book marking is that your favorites reside in your computer only while social bookmarking systems give you some free space to store your book marks online which can be any time restored or accessed anywhere in the world and regardless if you are not even at your own computer.

Secrets of Successfull Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

10 essential myths for Successful Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising sounds easy to go with and usually business advertisers intend to use PPC to drive targeted but immediate traffic to their business sites. Unlike a small percentage, most of them don’t really know how to effectively run a PPC campaign to gain maximum results while spending minimum possible cost in internet marketing. This ends up with dramatically un-expected or sometimes no results accompanied with an argument that “PPC (Pay Per Click) is useless and just a wastage of money and time”. Another class of business operators outsource their internet marketing and PPC campaigns to highly experienced, trusted but well paid Pay Per Click management companies letting them spend the PPC budgets at their own will and learn new methodologies and strategies on customer’s money. Besides the bright and dark circumstances in PPC or internet marketing, specially a business owner should know what is going to do the best for their business in PPC (Pay Per Click) and internet marketing.

SEO Process – Search Engine Optimization for Newbies

Search engine optimization (SEO) is tricky. Must separate fact from fiction

Search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play when even a well designed site cannot attract the potential customers and gains traffic that it should. Basic purpose of search engine optimization (SEO) is to ensure that your website is easily accessible and visible to search engines, drive quality traffic and help to convert the traffic into a successful lead. SEO helps you make your pages more attractive to search engines that obviously increases your rankings on Google and other search engines which ultimately generate more traffic, more customers and better conversion rate. Considering the fact that a website one Google page 1 attracts more traffic than a site on page 5 or 6. If your website is not hitting the page 1 especially for Google search results, you’re definitely losing a chance to maximize your business and new lead generation. Besides high rankings and traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) gives you added benefits like Branding, quality leads, less expensive advertising opportunities etc…