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A step by step guide to Link Bulding

Competition over the search engine has gone very high and the SEO strategies are getting changed day by day. Rather experts are trying each and every possible move to beat the top ranked dogs of the industry. Typically in a situation where competition is high and you are having tough time in getting your site ranked at least on page one for search engines even after initial optimization has been performed, you website is using keyword enriched content and everything is on its right place. Then you got’a jump into off page aspects of search engine optimization (SEO).  Link building jumps into play as the very first thing you do as far off page factors.

Why Link Building?

Link popularity can make a site hero or zero as far search results in search engines. Developing link popularity for a website is the toughest job you do throughout the whole SEO process and the reason is that search engine don’t like the artificially created links using link farms, link exchange programs, directors etc… Search engines prefer that you build links with the website that expose the same business nature as your site is doing. Can be a high added advantage if they have some text content on the page that is related to your business where they are linking you.

You can give a try to link farm or huge link exchange programs for a bit of time and will see how soon search engines throw you away from their search results or at least lower you down.

How to build links?

The simplest and the oldest way of link building is that you navigate through your favorite search engine and type the keyword that best represents your industry. Look into the pages that appear in the search results. Shortlist the website names and their URL’s.  Grab the contact information from each site and in the mean time have a links or resources page on your site where you will be linking them back. Once you have the contact information for each website, send them personalized letters indicating that you are interested in exchanging link with their website. However, put their link on your resources page as courtesy and make them realize that you are really interested in exchange link with them.

Another effective way of link building is to call the webmasters or appropriate authorities who have access to website administration. Give them as much detail as you can about your website and try convincing them to exchange link with you by explaining link building benefits.

Browse through the resources or links pages of your competitors or shortlisted sites where they are linking to other sites. This is a great idea to know and reach the potential link partners. Fire an email or a phone call to the websites who are linked back from your competition and try convincing them to exchange link with you.
Link building is a very slow process and needs high patience. Sometimes you will be receiving abusive responses to your link exchange requests. So here your professional attitude will come into play that you should not respond abuse with an abuse.

Science could not find the limitations of human brain so far. When really in business, try thinking on more ideas to convince webmasters do link building with you. Or hire The Experts in Link Building


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